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1. We make art and business shake hands.

2. We create stars out of talents.

3. We showcase performances to buyers.

4. We co-create content with our talents.

5. We integrate performances for brands.

6. We curate customised acts of our talents.

Our Services | In House Musical Talents
Our Services | Content Creation

1. We arrange photo shoots, music video shoots & fan interactions.

2. We create posters, newsletters, showreels & promo content.

3. We spend all day on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reverb Nation, SoundCloud, and scream our lungs out about our talents.  

5. We monitor digital & physical tractions of content & merchandise.

6. We handle PR, post event coverage, 360 degree media connect.

7. We pitch talents to music directors, producers, media houses for content collaboration/ playback songs/ judging/ appearances, etc.

1. We generate business through tele-sales, client meets, social media, bulk deals, targeted pitches, visibility, content display & negotations.

2. We book & manage contracts with campuses, festivals, associations, event agencies, governments, brands, hotels, clubs, individuals, wedding planners, foreign clients for performances, appearances & endorsements. 

3. We execute end-to-end management of the above engagements.

4. We value relationships & believe in the process of symbiotic growth of ours with talents & clients both.

Our Services | Brand Integration
Our Services | Talent Management

1. Our A&R, creative, video, social media and live sales teams work hand-in-gloves with our talents to create and promote content that's larger than life- both on stage and on records!

2. We produce content for our talents, and help them retain their creative rights, and still make money from digital and physical sales.

3. In short, we are a booking and management agency + independent music label turned into one, run by the biggest fans of our talents!

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