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“Meri Subah ki

Meeti si coffee, jaisi hai tu

Meri Subah ki

Dhoop bhi tu, mera hai tu”

When you are madly in love, you literally compare your beloved with anything you find nice. Here, the girl is saying to the boy that you are like my coffee which is sweet. You are that sunshine which I see every day in the morning. You are just mine.

“Tu mere saath saath ho

Hai meri ye dil ki aarzoo

Tu mere paas paas ho

Har ek din, har lamha, har ek pal.”

Just be with me. My heart just wants you to be close with me. Just remind near to me. Be with me each day, each minute, and each second. We all have the dream to be with our beloved the whole day.

“Tere labon pe

Meeti si toffee piglein hai yu

Jaise dil ke samandaron main

Utre hai tu.”

Oh! From your words spelled by your mouth, It feels like the sweetest toffee is melting. U have taken a place in my heart and now you are like a river wave in my heart that can resist beating your name. You are my heartbeat. Isn’t it crazy how a person compares anything when it comes to love?

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