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Song Review of Baarishein

Baarishein song By Anuv Jain is a perfect song clearly describing the meaning of selfless Love. Even if you listen to this song a million times you’ll fall in love with the song again and again. My favorite lines of this song are

“Teri Aankhon Ka Kajal Na Phele Ab Kabhi Bhi Tujhe Itna Pyaar Dun Teri Khushion Ki Khatir Ye Duniya Mai Meri Ikk Pal Mai Waar Dun Mai”

“ Haule Se, Dheeme Se,

Mujh Ko Baahon Mai Bhar Lo Na Tum”

How sweetly the person asks to hug her tightly yet slowly and steadily. Each and every one of us wants a hug where you feel at peace and at home.

“Jab Baarishein Barasti Hain

Pagal Jaise Thirakti Hain

Tum Jaisi Ho

Bus Wesi Hi Raho”

All we want is to be loved despite our faults, our imperfections. It is harder to try to get people to change than to love them for who they are. We just want somebody to make a lifetime commitment to us. At the end of the day, with our one true soulmate, we are all looking for our own ends and happy endings.

“Teri Aankhon Ka Kajal

Na Phele Ab Kabhi Bhi

Tujhe Itna Pyaar Dun”

These are the most beautiful lines of this song. It feels like Anuv Jain has thrown all his emotions while singing in this one paragraph. We all want a love where are loved immensely and never get hurt. These lyrics make us realize the love we all deserve to have and not someone who makes us cry every now and then.

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